Website Design Case Study For Dan Maikarfi Construction Company

How We helped Dan Maikarfi Construction Company design a custom built website, to establish an online presence for their company.

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Company Overview

Dan Maikarfi Construction Company Limited is a leading provider of a spectrum of building and Civil Engineering Construction, Communication, Commodities Merchant, and Marketing services to major government organization, firms and private individuals.

Dan Maikarfi is a 100% Nigerian owned with assets of approximately N500million. Currently, our core areas of specialization are Civil Engineering infrastructure related objects such as building construction, Piling, Shore Protection, Pipe Construction, Pipe-laying Dams and Road Construction.

Goals & Motivations:

  • Improve Credibility: Dan Maikarfi Construction Company wanted to look better than it’s competition and stand out to it’s target market.
  • Spur Growth: The Client wanted to grow their business  online and Prospective clients who want roofing services and other companies looking for joint venture partnerships with roofing companies in Nigeria.
  • Resource center:  Ultimately, Dan Maikarfi Construction Company’s website should be a useful resource for existing clients, potential new clients and possibly joint venture partners to get all the information they need to know more about the company.

Scope Of Work:

  • Website Design

  • Website Build & Testing

  • Website Management & Support

  • Website Hosting

  • Stock Photography Sourcing

  • Search Engine Optimization

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The Process

The first step in the process is to define and understand the client’s challenge, then communicating it to our production team.

The Brief

Business Information: Collecting basic practice information (phone, e-mail, address, domain registrar, etc).

Strategy: Exploring his goals, motivations, frustrations, and concerns to formulate a strategy that would help to improve his image and visibility online.

Pages: Outlining the expected pages.

Integrations: Discussing potential third-party integrations required for his website. In this case, his answers to questions.

Direction: Gathering any preliminary design-related direction or requests and looking through websites for inspiration together to define further design direction.


Going into the project the client had already prepared a logo, the company profile and some project pictures, He let us know that he was fine with a longer home page length, the type of stock photography he was partial to, and some websites that he like the design of.

With this our approach to the design process was to take these elements and combine all of them cohesively into a both beautiful and functional modern website. It would complement and enhance his image to present Dan Maikarfi Construction Company as an expert in his niche online.


Helping the client’s look better was important, but improving his SEO to spur growth for the company was also critical.

Competition for general terms like “Construction Company in Nigeria” are highly competitive and filled with blogs and firms who have been around for a while and have incredibly strong authority within Google’s algorithm due to smart SEO practices.

As a business looking to set up a new website, it was important for client’s new website to to at least rank on the client’s own name. “Dan Maikarfi Construction Company”

After completing the brief, with this in mind we performed a level 1 Seo set up on the website, which allowed the company’s website rank.

Google Maps and Business Directories Listing

After the SEO was set up, we listed Dan Maikarfi Construction Company on 10 online directories and their office location on google Map.

This act achieves 3 things.

  1. Builds Credibility on the company’s name
  2. Helps establish an online presence for the company in and around it’s niche as a roofing contractor
  3. Ensures that potential clients would be able to find more details about the company, outside it’s own website.


We designed a dynamic website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Dan Maikarfi Construction Company provides to its clients.

The website was be designed to:

  • Allow potential clients and partners gather more information about Dan Maikarfi Construction Company’s services and see their recent projects.
  • Encourage Potential clients and partners to request a proposal or quote from Dan Maikarfi Construction Company.
  • Give the potential clients and/or partners all the information they need while they are in research mode and entice them to reach out to Dan Maikarfi Construction Company for business transactions or partnerships.


Additionally the following “behind the scenes” features will were built into the website:

  • regular pings to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Google analytics performance reporting
  • high speed page loading
  • anti-spam features on contact forms
  • Search Engine optimization software to enable fast google page rankings.
  • A Contact Form on the Contact Us Page
  • Website Security and anti brute force/DDos attack Softwares
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